Manatee Water Magic

Born in Bradenton, my playground as a child growing up was the Manatee River.


I’d swim in its waters. Wade, water ski, fish and catch blue crabs in this river. It was a wonderful place to play every day.

On rainy days I would sit behind my house and look out across the river and watch as a mighty thunderstorm would cause the entire side of Palmetto to disappear. Remaining seated, I would continue to watch as a thick wall of rain would make its way across the river causing the entire river to disappear. Just as the edge of the rain touched my parent’s seawall I would skedaddle inside my house. And then listen ~ as a powerful storm poured down upon our roof.

Late at night when its dark out and all is very quiet, I would occasionally hear a fish disturb the stillness with a singular gentle ‘splash’.

The Manatee River is, I most sincerely believe, the most beautiful river anywhere.

Still today I see people fishing in it and sailing on it.

But what I don’t see are people going downtown and relaxing around our downtown Bradenton waterfront. The place with the ‘billion dollar view’. If this were any other city with a river half as pretty to look out at there would be large crowds of people downtown every day, day and night.

I believe that what we need is a downtown that, along with its beautiful waterfront, offers lots of people lots of wonderful things to do morning till night. Offers wonderful things for tourists to do so they come back to Bradenton again and again. All of which makes our downtown very popular. So popular it is filled with people all of the time. Families, singles, couples, young, old, who are enjoying themselves by shopping, dining, and buying tickets to parties and events. A downtown that is always fun. Clean, very pretty, and free of crime – this would be a nice downtown for all of us to have.

To achieve this I believe what Bradenton needs is something truly unique. Something special which will be a powerful draw that will attract people from all over to visit downtown. Stay awhile. Be fun for everyone. Something that celebrates our river. 

With that in mind, might I suggest:

‘Manatee Water Magic’

A waterpark that floats on top of the water.
To be located in the middle of the Manatee River.


( cue music… )

At this moment there is no place anywhere in the world that has a floating waterpark.

Should Bradenton build one it would be the first. It would be unique. If Bradenton were to build this it would, in my most sincere opinion, become so newsworthy that it could make Bradenton a major international destination for fun, for play. On a par with any major innovative theme park anywhere in the world.

It would, as well, create hundreds of new jobs. Add real economic growth to our area. It would make all of us who live here a whole lot richer than we are right now.

If swimming pools are already being built ‘in’ water.

If boats with slides already float on the water.

If people live in houses that float on water.

If entire cities are being designed for water.


And even under the sea.

Why then can’t Bradenton have a waterpark that floats on top of our river?

Situated halfway between Bradenton and Palmetto, it could be constructed from connecting platforms. Primarily accessible by boat, with a connection to the Green Bridge.


And on top of it would be tons of fun.

Anything and everything that would offer people a great time on top of the water.

At night it could light up the sky with fireworks and waterworks.

Offering an incredible view from the Bradenton and Palmetto piers, as well as the Green Bridge.

Why can’t Bradenton have something amazingly entertaining like this?

If people can hang beds from the sides of cliffs.

Swimming pools from the sides of buildings.

If Dubai can build islands where once there was only an ocean.

If China can build island military bases in multiple moist places.

If the tiny Maldives. . .


Can submerge bedrooms, restaurants and clubs, and even plan a wedding underwater.

If Spain can build a university and museum in water.

If a place can be built for people to live in space.


If we can imagine a city on the moon.


Why can’t we build a water park on top of our very own Manatee River?

I’m sure the local neighbors won’t mind.

Wouldn’t you want to have fun like this in a setting like this?

I know I would.

If you would like to invest in this, please contact me. Let’s make this happen!


© Hans Carl Clausen
President & Director
Captured On Film Productions Inc

A non-profit corporation expressly formed to educate and to inspire.



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