Balloons Above Bradenton

Bradenton’s downtown waterfront was once a place lots of people liked to go.

Now when I think of downtown Bradenton and what goes on down there I think of court rooms, attorney offices, bail bondsmen, and all of their many, many clients. Our city streets peppered with too many vacant buildings. ~ not so ‘family friendly’.

What Bradenton needs is something a bit more fun. A brand new business its never seen before. One that attracts tourists and families wishing for a romantic or adventurous getaway.

Keeping with that intent, of something ‘fun’, might I recommend:

‘Balloons Above Bradenton’

A ride above our city, that could begin at the end of our downtown pier.

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Hot air balloons would then drift along the Manatee River.

And make their way to the soft white sands of our local gulf waters.

Where a catered picnic would be waiting.

Followed by a sunset drift back downtown through our warm friendly skies.

This could be a fun romantic getaway one could make any day.


Just for fun.

There are balloon rides above the pyramids in Mexico.


There are balloon rides above the temples in Myanmar.


If Dubai can build a ski slope in the middle of a desert.

If Japan can build a beach in a building.

If Eiffel can build a crazy design for a tower in the middle of a city.

Which may have inspired an art movement.

If Disney can build an entire ‘world’ a mere two hours away all thanks to a mouse.


Why can’t there be balloons above Bradenton?


I, for one, would love to go on this ride. Wouldn’t you?


Should you be interested in investing in this, please use my contact form. Let’s make it happen!


© Hans Carl Clausen
President & Director
Captured On Film Productions Inc

A non-profit corporation expressly formed to educate and to inspire.



4 thoughts on “Balloons Above Bradenton

  1. Interesting idea! A couple of years ago I boarded a 5 person hot air balloon to float above the Blue Ridge Mountains and found it to be an amazing way to look at a spectacular place. As a former resident of Bradenton, a beautiful city dear to my heart, my mind drifted to imagine what a cool way it would be to enjoy the majestic coast there as well. With all the sunshine and the clear blue water, it is the absolute perfect setting for this!


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